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Dina Samano, Licensed Real Estate Agent Florida Office

Dina Elizabeth Samano started her professional career in the Real Estate Industry in May of 1998. She began working for a Investment attorney in the San Francisco Ca area as team member in the legal dept. There she assisted the legal team in preparing documents associated with acquiring distressed-Non Performing assets from failing lending institutions whom controlled the security instrument.

The firm quickly recognized her talents for communicating and building relationships with several decision makers within the lending institutions and offered her a position in the acquisitions Dept. Dina assembled, trained and managed a team of individuals who were referred to in the investment firm as,(The Dream Team). She trained her team to strategically seek and secure Real Estate investment opportunities that were not readily known or available to others.

Due to her keen sense of business as well as skills in relationship building she retained private investors for the firm. While still seeking investments for others she continues to enjoy and reap the benefits of her connections in the banking industry. During her career she was hired by several of the firms client- investors to take on projects to Re-position the failing assets they had purchased from the lending institutions. This scope of work also entailed assembling a team of qualified individuals that would assist her in building the asset so it would perform financially. She contributes her experience in this area to her over all experience in Portfolio Property Management.

In 2006 she was given an opportunity to work bi-coastal from CA to FL by managing a failing portfolio consisting of Apt buildings in South Fl. She quickly re-positioned that portfolio in record time and was given the opportunity to sell the portfolio. In 2010 after working many years in the Real Estate industry she decided to get her Real Estate Licence in CA & FL. She primarily wanted to get her License to eliminate outsourcing listings to other Real Estate professionals, in essence keeping everything under her control and in-house. In August, 2013 she aligned her self with ARG, American Realty Group LLC after recognizing that this was no ordinary Real Estate Brokerage.

The Brokerage offered many opportunities not just for the conventional buyers , sellers or renters but for the beginner and seasoned investors in the market as well. She refers to it as "The A-Z one stop Brokerage." Dina is now sharing her years of investment experience with the other agents in the office. She encourages other agents to cultivate the idea that, no investment is to small or to big to handle. Her philosophy in the office is to always recognize a Real Estate opportunity before others and move quickly to secure it. She now calls the Brokerage her second home and believes she will be there for many years to come.