Robert T. Salmaci

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Robert T. Salmaci, Broker/Owner Florida Offices

As Broker of ARG American Realty Group LLC prestigious south Florida offices in Hollywood and Miami, Florida.

(954) 247-1106 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Sold Over $50 Million In Real Estate In 3 Years
  • Professional and Great Customer Service
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Robert leads a diverse team of hand-picked real estate professionals, representing buyers and sellers throughout Southeast Florida. The properties purchased and sold through Robert's office range from condominiums and income properties to spectacular homes and world-class estates.

Respected by his colleagues for his problem solving and leadership skills, Robert possesses the singular ability to empower agents and create a collaborative, cooperative team. Continuously stressing the importance of building and maintaining client relationships, he provides agents with the market knowledge, technology and resources they require to effectively meet their clients' needs.


I moved to Florida in 2009 after obtaining my real estate license. I instantly became a REO agent for multiple asset companies from my previous relationships that I had in Michigan prior to moving here. I have been working with REO’S since 1999. I have listed and sold over 350 properties in the last five years which were mostly HUD properties. I also manage a portfolio of 150 assets for two clients that invest in NPN(nonperforming notes). I have a more hands on job with them. I partake in all transactions from the very beginning from valuing the properties, acquisitions, foreclosing, title searches, skip tracing, conducting short sales when a homeowner is receptive to one, cash for keys, lien and title issues, HOA issues, listing and selling the properties, maintenance and preservation, contractor repairs and renting out some of the properties. I take it to the very end. 

I became a real estate broker in 2013 and opened my office in March of the same year. I already have thirty-six agents within my office. I pride myself in assembling a good team and good head hunter, there is usually 80/20 rule when it comes to agent performance in a real estate office and my office is at 50/50. I get phone calls daily of agents wanting to come to my office to sign up. I also have 3 buyer agents and two assistants that work on my direct team. 

In December 2013 I opened a title office in Dearborn Michigan called Title Trust Agency a subsidiary of Van Guard Title Agency they have been around for thirty years. Again, I pride myself in organizing and assembling a team of rainmakers. I hired a sales rep that brought twenty deals to the office in his first month.